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2011 IOM Report - Preventive Services for Women Published

|| Plugin execution pending approval This plugin was recently added or modified. Until an editor of the site validates the parameters, execution will not be possible.  

AMA - Publishes Guidelines for Physicians for Social Media Use

blog post

Happy Holidays!

Wishing all of our users from across the globe a very merry and joyous Holiday Season with the hope for all across the world. Please share this Dove of Peace most graciously submitted by Roberta Josep  

HIT Interim Final Rule for EHR Standards Published

The government recently posted and Interim Final Rule for Health Information Technology standards for EHR (electronic health  


Information and Standards for HITECH  

HPV Testing Algorithms Open Mic Session-ASC Meeting

HPV Testing Algorithms Open Mic Session November 6, 2011 @ 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM  

Please Help Out our Tikiwiki Developer Friends!!

Nominate Tiki for the 2009 Community Choice Awards   Nominations are now open for the 2009 Community Choice Awards Please help nominate Tiki by using this link r clicking on the pictur  

Reminder- User Preferences

This is a reminder to our users. In order to take advantage of the internal messaging system on this site, please be sure that your user preferences are set to allow "reply from other users". If that  

Site Upgrade Performed- Google Friend Connect Social Bar Added

We upgraded to Tikiwiki 4.0. This upgrade included security and feature enhancements. In addition, you will see at the bottom of your browser, a Google Friend Connect social toolbar. Please feel free  
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