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Why Should I Register?

Since it's beginnings over 10 years ago, CYTOPATHNET has remained a FREE resource accessible to users worldwide. You might wonder why the need to register on a FREE site. There are many benefits to doing so, but the best reason is to assure that you are able to access all of the useful information available on CYTOPATHNET!

Benefits of Registering
  • Access to MyTiki. Each user will have their own special area that they can access to access their email, personal calendars, Task Lists, monitor watches, file upload area, and more. (Click on the MyTiki link to access more detailed information about this feature.
  • Registered users will have access to additional content on CYTOPATHNET, without paying a registration fee.
  • You will have your own unique username that you choose on registration.
  • Contact other users online through Private Messaging, Google Friend Connect, CYTOPATHNET on Facebook, Shoutbox and Twitter. You have the options during registration to choose how "visible" and "accessible" you are to other users on CYTOPATHNET. For example, when you see an "online user" that you want to contact privately, placing your mouse over their username will pop up more information about that user. You can contact them by clicking on their name, and send them a private message. You can also connect with other users through Google Friend Connect while browsing CYTOPATHNET. You can connect via the social bar located at the bottom of your browser window. You can also use the Shoutbox to shout a quick hello to anyone on the site, or to make a brief comment for all registered users to see.
  • Create your own personal web page, in the format of UserPageyourusername. See UserPageadmin for an example.
  • Participate in online forums, chat, blogs.
  • Submit articles, collaborate on wiki document creation, comment on posted articles and blogs.
  • Set monitors for email notification of changes to a page, forum, or other item of interest.
  • Add events to Event Calendar.
  • Review and Add Classifieds.
  • Request Author/Editor permissions.


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