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The Wiki mail-in feature
(from the site)

The wiki mail-in feature can be used to setup email accounts that can be
used to
read and/or write (create and/or modify) Wiki pages or crate
articles(Tiki1.9). As admin (after enabling this feature in the Wiki
Feature page), click on the Mail-in link in the Admin section of
the application menu z9ato get to the mail-in admin section :

The Mail-in admin page


Edit/Add new mail account

In this screen you can set-up mail accounts indicating the POP3 server,
the SMTP server and the user-password to be used, it's like any normal
email configuration tool with the adition that you can indicate the type
of mail account to set-up. There is four types of accounts:

  • wiki-get
    When an email is sent to the account indicating in the subject the

name of a Wiki page Tiki will answer the email sending the wiki page to
the sender.

  • wiki-put
    When an email is received indicating the name of a wiki page in the

subject the body of the email will be used to overwrite the wiki page

  • wiki-append
    When an email is received indicating the name of a wiki page in the

subject of the email the wiki page is appended with the data in the body
of the email.

  • wiki
    Wiki accounts can be used to GET, PUT, APPEND, and PREPEND wiki

pages. The body of the email is the page content, the subject is used
to indicate what to do.

    • GET:pagename
    • PUT:pagename
    • APPEND:pagename
    • PREPEND:pagename
  • Note there should not be a space between the : and the pagename

(unless the pagename starts with a space, which is legal but unlikely).

  • __article-put
    When an email is received an article will be created with the message

subject as article article and message body as article heading. The
topic and type of the article can be specified at the mailin configuration.

Other parameters


  • Active
    Says whether the account is to be checked or not.
  • Allow anonymous access
    Says whether anonymous users (regarding of their email address) can

use this feature or not. If this parameter is set to 'No', and a user
sends a mail to a mail-in account from an adress that is not in TikiWiki
users list, Then the system will send a mail to this user saying that he
can not use this feature.

  • Allow attachments
    Says whether mail attachments are to be added or not.
  • Check automatically
    If this parameter is set to 'yes' the system will automatically check

all active mail-in accounts according to the 'Frequency' parameter.

NOTE: as of 1.8.x, this feature is not enabled until activated in
the Wiki Feature page. Go to Features:Wiki and click the check box to
enable the mail-in feature. You WILL NOT be able to view the mail-in
admin page until you have activated this feature on the Wiki Feature page.


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