Working Group Draft Recommendations Posted and Open for Comment

By: Jana Sullinger, MD  On: Fri 21 of Oct., 2011 21:48 MDT  (13121 Reads)
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exclaim Draft Recommendations for Cervical Cancer Screening and Molecular Testing Now Available for Open Comment Until Wednesday, Nov 9th.

The ACS, ASCCP, ASCP and USPHSTF have provided survey forms for submission of comments during this 3 week period. Public comments will be discussed at the Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention: The Role of Molecular Testing Symposium to be held at the National Institutes of Health Neurosciences Center in Rockville, Maryland on November 17-19, 2011.(external link)

To review these guidelines, please follow this link(external link).

New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

By: Jana Sullinger, MD  On: Fri 20 of Nov., 2009 08:33 MST  (21314 Reads)
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ACOG Releases New "First Pap" Test Recommendations

Read the ACOG Release here.(external link)

Read the article in the New York Times.(external link)


Regular self-examination or clinical examination for early detection of breast cancer

By: Jana Sullinger, MD  On: Tue 15 of July, 2008 18:18 MDT  (9853 Reads)
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A review article published by the Cochran Collaboration was recently released and discussed on Good Morning America today. The review concludes that "...Data from two large trials do not suggest a beneficial effect of screening by breast self-examination but do suggest increased harm in terms of increased numbers of benign lesions identified and an increased number of biopsies performed. At present, screening by breast self-examination or physical examination cannot be recommended. ..."

To obtain the report, please follow this link: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/homepages/106568753/CD003373.pdf(external link)
To find out more about the Cochran Collaboration, please follow this link: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/mrwhome/106568753/HOME(external link)


HPV Vaccine Not Cleared for Older Women

By: Jana Sullinger, MD  On: Mon 30 of June, 2008 18:21 MDT  (9562 Reads)
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The FDA has denied Merck's request to expand the use of Gardasil vaccine for older women 27-45 http://www.reuters.com/article/healthNews/idUSWNAS917720080625?pageNumber=1&virtualBrandChannel=0)(external link). The FDA stated that there were "..."issues" which precluded their approval..." of the request. The company is still pursuing its approval of intended expansion of vaccine use to males by year-end.


By: Jana Sullinger  On: Sun 15 of Jan., 2006 15:53 MST  (4941 Reads)
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The Challenge of Bringing the Cytopathology Community to Action.

The internet is a fantastic tool and worldwide resource for all peoples, whether a medical professional or a grandmother searching for special buys on EBay. It provides you with the choice of being a casual observer or an active participant...of being spoon fed to feeding yourself. The limitations of the internet are only limited by our imagination.

CYTOPATHNET Publishes Official Statement on "Commitment to Quality"

By: Jana Sullinger  On: Mon 09 of Jan., 2006 06:58 MST  (4297 Reads)
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CYTOPATHNET released it's official statement on "Commitment to Quality" today, January 6, 2006, http://cytopathnet.org/tiki-index.php?page=CommitmentToQuality(external link).

The document, authored by Jana C. Sullinger, MD, President/CEO and founder of CYTOPATHNET, emphasizes the longtime commitment of CYTOPATHNET to provide accessible online educational and collaborative resources in exchange for thoughtful input from it's users. It offers a challenge to individual cytopathology professionals to make a "Commitment to Quality". You can find out how you can help support this "Commitment to Quality" here(external link).

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