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> I am interested in learning of what guidelines others are using for GYN specimen rejection. Currently, at our facility we reject and discard any pap that is unlabeled or submitted with paperwork that does not match the label on the specimen vial. This past year we have rejected and discarded 0.3% of our paps. The director of client services is questioning whether this is good customer service and if we could potentially lose business by discarding pap specimens. I am curious how other labs handle mislabeled/unlabeled specimens.

Cytology labs should include in their SOP for specimen rejection defined criteria for rejection, as well as methodology for the handling of mislabeled or unlabeled samples. Most would include some form of client notification, and an attempt to resolve the rejection. This may involve sending the sample back to the sending office for correction. I would not think that discarding the specimen is appropriate.

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