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Best Microscope for Laboratory Under $2000.00

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Laboratory Microscope(external link)

I am often asked which microscope is the best choice for laboratories who require high quality at an affordable price without sacrificing optical clarity.

The Nikon Eclipse 200(external link) is the cream of the crop, with regards to the under $2,000.00 microscope class for clinical laboratories. It comes pre-configured with 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x oil PLAN objectives. The eyepieces are 10x with a 20mm field of view. The optics are amazing and the CFI60 technology used in the objectives give the Nikon an optical clarity advantage over the Olympus and the Leica.

CFI60 lenses generally have higher N.A.s and longer working distances than comparable objectives from other manufacturers and provide increased resolution, greater light-gathering capability, and high performance in confocal imaging. Longer working distances allow thicker specimens to be focused from top to bottom without fear of breaking the cover glass or damaging the objective. Applying immersion oil is easier, as is changing specimens. Thicker-bottomed chambers may be accommodated on the microscope and micromanipulation becomes possible with lenses of higher magnification.


The quality of the microscope is tops. We've been in the microscope service business since 1969, and have serviced every brand, make, and model of microscope out there, and I can honestly say, that theNikon E 200(external link)is the best clinical microscope for end uses who do not require a Pathology grade microscope like the Nikon 50i

This Nikon microscope(external link) is also fully upgradeable to a fluorescent unit. It's also available in a trinocular version for people interested in digital imaging of specimens. Polarization accessories, as well as a teaching head (side by side, and face to face) configuration are also available.

The good thing with Nikon is, you never have to pay retail, and the customer service is the class of the industry.

Find pricing on Nikon Microscopes by clicking -->Nikon Microscopes(external link)

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